About Us

Makray homes is one of the fastest growing construction company in Victoria with a simple business idea launched in 2009. Makray today has grown and diversified into many fields, drawing strength from its core business areas such as engineering, designing, and cabinetry.

Makray Homes help you to organise every component of your vision from structural element to style and design.

We pride ourselves on building strong relationship through teamwork, integrity, commitment and customer satisfaction



  • We value straightforwardness, cleanness. No Confusion. No Fuss.
  • Honest and straightforward pricing
  • Clear & Simple contracts, simply two categories in options.
  • Upmarket – Exclusive range and Builder’s range – Moderate range
  • This provide clearly indicate exactly what is and isn’t included in your home and the associated costs


Our Vision

To be recognized as the best construction company in the region and to be the best partner for our customers, suppliers and employers.


Our Mission

  • Provide excellent services.
  • Deliver quality products.
  • Provide the highest levels of project management.
  • Provide leadership to our industry
  • Unparalleled value


Our Values

People – We are proud to be represented by a professional and highly talented team of individuals within the building industry

Process – We carry out an efficient and economical work flow processes

Products – We offer only the highest quality materials from respected manufactures