Whether you are a first time home buyer, investor or planning on building your dream home, we can build a house for you with a peace of mind. We have several kinds of designs that suit to you.

  1. Mak design
  2. Lotus design
  3. Kandy design
  4. Diamond design
  5. Avon design
  6. Multiunit design


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Key Areas

Preliminary Assessment

Meeting with client to discuss the project budget, selected land and possibilities. Appointment of other consultants

Sketch design

Analysis of the selected site, check authority regulatory requirements. Outline proposal of the project and approximate cost.

Town planning

Develop sketch proposal and submit to the council with floor plan, elevation and shadow diagrams with documents from other consultants.

Building Permit Drawing

Develop town planning approved drawings to include required specification and regulatory requirements and send structural, architectural, drainage and every document to building permit.