Service Overview

Project planning is the function in which project and construction managers and their key staff members prepares the master plan. Then this master plan is put into time schedule by scheduling people which is called project scheduling.

We endeavour to give priority to customer service and keep our clients informed during keys aspects of their project.

We have a motivated experienced staff for consulting. We provide consultancy service for land surveying, Arborist report, Town planning, Structural Engineering, Civil/Drainage Engineering, Energy rating Etc.

  • Obtain valuable information as early as possible.
  • Coordinate all stakeholders to achieve intelligent information sharing

Involving the consultant from early stage of the construction project is beneficial for the owner. A consultant may involve pre-design in order to assist an owner with tasks such as project budgeting and management, site selection, space relationships, and environmental studies.

During the design stage itself, the consultant determines the feasibility of the project from an artistic, technical, logistical and financial standpoint. The consultant creates project design concept and seeks approval for this design concept. It is also during this stage that the consultant obtains the required development permit for the project.

Key Areas

Strategic planning

This involves the high-level selection of the project objectives

Operational planning

This involves the detailed planning required to meet the strategic objectives


This puts the detailed operational plan on a time scale set by the strategic objectives