You can build with confidence when you build with Makray Homes.
We are specialized in Multiunit Construction.
Our constructions are responsive to client and site, well executed in materials
And workmanship and environmentally sensitive
We build quality projects safely, on time and on budget.
We have units construct for first home buyers, families or
investors to purchase. Our all developments are done to the best quality
Makray Homes can help you to build your dream home exactly how you want it.

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We endeavour to give priority to customer service and keep our clients informed during keys aspects of their project.

We have a motivated experienced staff for consulting. We provide consultancy service for land surveying,

Arborist report, Town planning, Structural Engineering, Civil/Drainage Engineering, Energy rating Etc.

  • Obtain valuable information as early as possible.
  • Coordinate all stakeholders to achieve intelligent information sharing

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Project Management is the heart of the operation and this consist of the following components.
Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Procurement, Human resources, Communications, Risk management and Stakeholder management

Makray Homes provide Project Management for Multi-unit development

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Whether you are a first time home buyer, investor or planning on building your dream home, we can build a house for you with a peace of mind. We have several kinds of designs that suit to you.

  1. Mak design
  2. Lotus design
  3. Kandy design
  4. Diamond design
  5. Avon design
  6. Multiunit design

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shutterstock_35784739WHY MAKRAY HOMES

We provide quality, efficient and reliable services to our customers.

Why they had chosen Makray, is that due to our total client focus, Cooperative approach, excellent communication and Problem-solving ability.

When you are with Makray Homes you can have a chance to gain the services from Makray designs as well. We Build your dream and we are 100{70d7d84d1cff87a11b1b22faf86d7b2b3742197c4936c9c789c95cf47d034e2f} committed to deliver the best quality work for you.

That’s why we are special

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We pride ourselves for the quality workmanship. We always compel to make your dream come true. We carefully select dedicated tradesmen to be part of our team so that we can assure you the very best of detail.

Knowledge, expertise, good people and collaboration. We make the impossible possible!


We deal with the best in the industry